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19 may 2017
Op vrijdag 26 mei vindt in Amsterdam-Noord de launch party plaats van de derde Summer of Love. Op een nog geheime locatie zullen die dag maximaal honderd mensen aan een helende Psilouasca-ceremonie deelnemen. is de trotse sponsor van deze launch party en sprak met initiatiefnemer Rudi Sommerlove. More >
11 dec 2014
Magictruffles presents you our brandnew invention: The truffle grinder. Grind your truffles and mix them through your food! Check out more in the video More >
04 dec 2014
Want to see what other customers think of our truffles? Take a look at the reviews on our forum. More >
05 nov 2014
Magic Truffles wishes to inform you better about our magic truffles, and therefore we've expanded the information zone on our website with several new languages. More >
17 jan 2014
Family and wholesale deals with SPECTACULAR PRICE CUTS for the good old Mexicana and Tampanensis truffles in packages of 50grams and higher. Check out the special offers!! More >
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