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It’s important to know what the experience of using Magic Truffles can do to you so that you can have a fantastic and safe trip. Here you can find all the info you need.

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About species and names

In the previous decades, 3 species of mushroom have been found, whose mycelium have the ability to form sclerotia.

Psilocybe tampanensis
Psilocybe mexicana A
Psilocybe atlantis

However, over the course of time, different names have arisen, such as: Philosophers’ Stones, Pajaritos, Teonanacatl, truffles, cosmic muesli etc. The names that you will come across on packages sound even more exotic. However, after the ban on mushrooms, for both technical and marketing reasons, “new species” will and have emerged...........

Mycologics BV restricts itself to the cultivation and distribution of these 3 known species, of which it has been scientifically determined that all three have their own genetic characteristics.

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