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It’s important to know what the experience of using Magic Truffles can do to you so that you can have a fantastic and safe trip. Here you can find all the info you need.

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History - The beginning

In the year 1993, the brothers were seperated from each other, confronted with the existence of the hallucinogenic mushrooms.

They started the cultivation of mushrooms together in 1994. The very first self cultivated mushrooms were tested by a friendly artist who surfaced after 2 days with fantastic tales about indescribable experiences. This was the starting point for what later grew into the largest nursery for hallucinogenic mushrooms in the world.

At first, the mushrooms were cultivated in aquaria, which the brothers found in the refuse dump. This did not last long because the aquaria were no longer suitable and other cultivation possibilities had to be explored. They swiftly had the idea of using empty mushroom nursery cultivation cells for cultivation. No sooner said than done. The brothers went in search of them and found them. After a year of mucking around with the generally surly nursery workers, it was high time that they built their own small nursery. And then it happened…

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